Branding & Positioning masterclass

375.00 Excl VAT

Branding & Positioning masterclass

375.00 Excl VAT

Learn the craft of building a strong and unique brand identity for your business.
Great brands share your genuine story in a way which people can connect to and feel part of.
Modern competitive market drives all organizations, from small to big, to realize the importance of creating a strong brand name.

In this masterclass we will dive into the world of branding and discover-
• How to create a distinctive uniformed brand name for your business
• How to differentiate your brand from your competitors and gain a competitive edge
• How to avoid the common mistakes in branding and positioning
• How to tell your story in a way people can connect to
• How to create brand recognition, build a strong reputation, and make your clients your fans

For whom: starting entrepreneurs | IT startups | study institutions | small – medium business

Duration: 3.5 hours

Language: English

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Neo Initiatives provides workshops in Amsterdam and in the rest of the Randstad megalopolis area (Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and their close surroundings).

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