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Ash Inc – Ashley Howe
Dunlop Performance Fysiotherapie – George Dunlop
Swiss Content Agency – Tanja Kühne
Dialogbot – Samuel Azran
Literal – Karni Weitz

Applications for the 2019 edition are:

The consulting sessions will take place in

Net worth of scholarship program

The scholarship would spread for maximum
3 months

Helping the world?
Let’s bring a positive change

New in Amsterdam?
Let’s help you get started

Got a great idea?
Let’s take it to the next level

Own a Cafe / Restaurant?
Let’s increase your profits

Just starting?
Let’s help you take the first steps

Helping others?
Let’s spread the word

Every business is part of the society- all of us live and prosper from the society and therefore we should play an active role in making society stronger. We can establish a symbiotic relationship between the business world and society by creating a healthy balance of give and take. This relationship creates a stronger and healthier growing ground for individuals and businesses, ensuring for all of us a better future.
Starting a new business is never easy, we will be using our specialties and expertise to give you a good start!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Arleen Lorrance


Visionary | Inspirator | Marketing expert

Business strategy is my craft. Everyday I inspire business owners to take a leap towards success.

  • Business Strategy
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Business Development
  • Competitive Strategy
  •  Coaching & Personal Branding
  • 10+ years experience in lead Marketing positions
  • 8+ years experience as a startup entrepreneur
  • Magna cum laude (B.A) Business Administration
  • Global finalist L’Oréal E-Strat Challenge
  • Versatile professional arsenal

Registration  period:
23/01/19 – 22/02/19

Announcement date:

Scholarship + Terms of service

Scholarship period:
5 meetings in max 3 months

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