// WHAT WE DO //

 “Connecting the actions of today to the vision of tomorrow”

// WHY US //

We see your true colors
shining through



Boost your chance to make it big

Beat the odds- Join the 10%  who made it.
Lead your startup forward.

Typical clients:
Are you a first time startup entrepreneur?
Startups in the Idea, Pre seed, Seed or Market penetration stages?
Read further, this article is for you.

Why us?
We walked the walk.
We bring more than 8 years experience and knowledge of co-founding a startup IT company.
Our business consulting service is based on our failures and success stories.
Providing you with the practical knowledge to overcome the challenges and take your startup to the next level.

Our Services:


  • Roadshow-
    – Charm the investors with a winning presentation.
    – Provide the answers investors are searching for.
  • Business plan-
    – Develop a solid high level business plan.
  • Find investors-
    Connect with potential investors from our network

Marketing Strategy

  • Develop a unique concept-
    – Show the true colors of your business
    – Translate the tech savvy product description to a sharp concept
  • Branding & Positioning
    – differentiate your product from the competitors
  • Market penetration \ Product Launch
    – Create buzz
    – Make an impact on your target audience

Product development strategy-

  • Create a great UX
  • Run fast, run smart
    – Use Agile development methods
    –  Focus on the key elements for your MVP.

Together we could make your vision more than just a far dream.


Reveal the uniqueness of your business

Put the spotlight on what matters.
Make your business shine.

Bring the uniqueness of your business forward

Develop unique elements in your product

Create a concept people can connect to


Take your first steps towards success

Don’t know from where to start? 
We are here to give you a good start

As business owners we are flooded with the ongoing arrangements, to-do items and unforeseen tasks. With time we lose focus, we start reacting instead of initiating, losing the ability to promote the actions necessary for the success of the business.

By bringing structure into the decision making process, we help business owners like you to overcome the chaos of decision making, finding focus and prioritizing on the actions which leads to success.


Wish to open your business in The Netherlands?

We will help you getting started

How do you start?
Where to register?
We can help!


First time here?


Get to know us - take a leap towards success
40€ off the first consulting session for new clients


1 session
Hourly rate: 95€
*Exclusive VAT

5 sessions
Hourly rate: 90€
You save: 25€
Discount per hour: 5€
Total price: 450€
*Exclusive VAT

10 sessions

Hourly rate:85€
You save: 100€
Discount per hour: 10€
Total price: 850€
*Exclusive VAT

20 sessions
Hourly rate: 80€
You save: 300€
Discount per hour: 15€
Total price: 1,600€
*Exclusive VAT

// WHERE //

Located and operating from the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.
Neo Initiatives provides business consulting in Amsterdam and in the rest of the Randstad megalopolis area (Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and their close surroundings).

In addition, Neo Initiatives provides online business consulting sessions for our international clients and for clients who operate outside of the Randstad area.

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